Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eva Slater painted by Harry Carmean

Eva Slater knew Harry Carmean for many years, starting in the 1950's at Art Center and in the 1980's she ended up being Harry Carmean's mother in law. Carmean first started collecting her work in the 1950's and owned the much admired Sun over the Ocean painting mentioned in the previous blog. The bottom painting by Carmean is of Eva holding her grand daughter Erin who is about a year old. The top painting is a portrait of Eva with her daughter Miriam Slater, who is also an artist.

Eva SLater's painting process

Eva Slater's paintings went through a lot of changes before they were finally finished as can be seen in the earlier version of "Sun over Ocean"above with its cadmium red triangles around the sun. (The photo was printed from a slide and the image was reversed.) In many of her paintings she often would render all the triangles in one color, only to repaint them out in another color later because everything had to be "just right". When it came to her art, Eva Slater was a perfectionist, especially in the area of color and this is one reason her paintings have such an exquisite palette - a lot of time and trial and error went into the making of each work. Some of Slater's paintings took over a year to complete because of the detail and relentless repainting but she always felt the results were worth the effort.